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Washing of Coops' Gravel Begins!
9 June 2005, Koidu, Sierra Leone. Two of the artisanal mining cooperatives participating in Integrated Diamond Managment program (IDM) -- Koakoyima and Tayorma -- began the process of sifting through the gravel they have removed to extract rough diamonds. This process is commonly referred to as "washing", and is the last step in producing rough diamonds.

Coop Training to be provided in Tongo Fields

IDMP will work with the Ministry of TRade $ Industry to provide training to groups wishing to form

IDMP will work with the Minsitry of Trade & Industry to provide training to groups wishing to form artisanal mining cooperatives in Tongo Fields. The training will occur in June and will based on the training provided to such groups in Kono last year. Successful coops will be able to apply to participate in the loan program for artisanal mining cooperatives that gain access to a portion of the mining tailings in Tongo Fields.

Lower Bambara Chiefdom Reserves Tailings for IDM
In April 2005, Paramount Chief Farma announced that Lower Bambara Chiefdom has set aside some acres of NDMC tailings for mining by cooperatives under the IDM program. Since the tailings are on the surface, processing them through cooperatives established by the IDMP will be possble during the upcoming rainy season, commencing in late July. This is a very exciting development, and is an example of both Chief Farma's astute leadership. It will enable the program to extend Integrated Diamond Management, to Tongo Fields earlier than expected, and to provide benefits to membes of additional cooperatives.

Next PDA General Meeting to be held in Kenema
The next meeting of the Peace Diamond Alliance is expected to be held in August, 2005, in Kenema. The meeting will be jointly hosted by the Executive Committees of Tongo Fields and Kono. Holding the meeting in Kenema, rather than in Koidu as has been the practice in the past, will enable more observers to attend and to begin a discussion of how the PDA can achieve a more national mandate. Specific dates and venue for the meeting will be announced later.

The Second Annual General Meeting of the Peace Diamond Alliance Report Posted


Please visit the publications section for the report on “The Second Annual General Meeting of the Peace Diamond Alliance,” which took place on September 29-30, 2004 in Koidu Town, Sierra Leone.

2004 Institutional Assessments of ADAGMAK, KWA, MOCKY, PENTAGON and SINAVA Women's Group


The 2004 Institutional Assessments of Alluvial Diamond and Gold Miners' Association of Kono District (ADAGMAK), Kuendondoya Woman’s Association (KWA), Movement of Concerned Kono Youth (MOCKY), PENTAGON, and SINAVA Women's Group have been posted in our publications section.  You are invited to read the reports and learn about their interesting work and plans for the future.

PDA expands to Tongo Fields

The Peace Diamond Alliance has successfully expanded to include the important diamond area of Tongo Fields, in Kenema District.   Tongo Fields possesses valuable alluvial diamond fields, signifcant tailings from previous mining efforts, and is poised for Kimberlite development. 

The community provided temporary space for the office and has committed to providing a permanent building for the PDA/Tongo Fields Office.   Funds from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will fund renovation of the building, staff, and equipment to enable the program to succeed.  The community has elected an Executive Committee and is poised to establish an operational plan.