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On this page, you'll find to news articles, announcements, and upcoming events.  If something you would like to see is not listed here, please contact us.


IDMP Speaks at IDI Rough Diamond Seminar

Diamonds for Humanity Debuts

Rapaport Group Pledges to Support Integrated Diamond Management in Kono District

Legal artisanal diamond exports in October averaged $230/carat

Union of Mining Cooperatives Established in Kono District

Community capacity development in the Sierra Leone diamond industry

Co-operative Management Training

Alluvial exports up 65% through June 2004

Export valuations rising, but too slowly

Institute for Security Studies says Peace Diamond Alliance is Model for Democratic Republic of Congo

PDA Hosts British Secretary of State for International Development

University of Virginia Law Students Visit PDA

Local leaders vow to rehabilitate controversial mining site in Koidu Town

Community Groundswell: 20 Miners' Cooperatives Established

President Kabbah Endorses PDA as Conflict Resolution Forum

Al Qaeda traded "blood diamonds"

Sierra Leone Steps up Anti-Smuggling Efforts

Efforts to stop Diamond Smuggling in Antwerp Heightened

President Kabbah Gives Major Diamond Policy Speech

Sierra Leone's Diamond Exports Triple

President Kabbah Announces Greater Government Commitment to Diamond Controls

BBC Photos of Sierra Leone (including Koidu)

Upcoming Events

11/6/2006  Kimberly Process Plenary to be held in Botswana

8/12/2006  Certification Ceremony for Stone Identification Training - Koidu

8/10/2006  Certification Ceremony for Stone Identification Training - Tongo Fields

8/17/2005  2005 PDA Annual General Meeting dates set

6/16/2005  CASM/Development Diamond Initiative Meeting in D.C.

6/15/2005  IDMP to Co-Host Conference on Fair Trade Minerals in Washington, D.C.

6/10/2005  Coming out soon: "Mining the Chaos"

5/9/2005  IDMP to speak at Israel Diamond Institute


Washing of Coops' Gravel Begins!

Coop Training to be provided in Tongo Fields

Lower Bambara Chiefdom Reserves Tailings for IDM

Next PDA General Meeting to be held in Kenema

The Second Annual General Meeting of the Peace Diamond Alliance Report Posted

2004 Institutional Assessments of ADAGMAK, KWA, MOCKY, PENTAGON and SINAVA Women's Group

PDA expands to Tongo Fields